“Who should I vote for?”

So I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop when this guy walks up–a stranger–and says, “Max, who should I vote for in the Mayor’s race?”  This happens a lot.

I tell him that I don’t know, I haven’t decided who I’m supporting yet…and since I vote on election day, I still have time to make up my mind.

Here’s my problem:  I’m a strong environmentalist AND a fiscal conservative…there’s no candidate in the race like that.  Lee and Brewster are both big spenders…huge spenders!  In their years on the city council, they have only spent more and more money.  They can’t tell anyone “NO”!  Why?  Because the way you make friends in politics is by spreading money around.  That’s why they hire all these consultants, and want to build all these projects we can’t afford.  Their political ambitions and their wild spending have put the city in a very precarious financial condition.  We are really out of position to deal with the economic conditions we find ourselves in.

Carol is “right on” to run against their unsustainable spending.  What were  Lee and Brew thinking when they gave $60+ MILLION to the wealthiest retail chains in the nation to come to Austin ( The Domain ).  If (when) those stores start pulling out, it will be clearly revealed how reckless they were with our money.  And how much have they spent in subsidizing the Second street retail area?  And how much did they give to the Marriott Corp. to destroy Las Manitas?

Lee and Brew have spent nearly $100 MILLION to turn Austin into Dallas.

How much have they spent on protecting the environment?  On reducing the city’s carbon footprint?  Very little cialis prix pharmacie en france

As Molly Ivins used to say, “Watch what they do, not what they say.”  That is, watch where they spend money…that reveals their true priorities.   Talk is cheap…

The Problem with Carol is that she doesn’t care about the environment…never has, and obviously still doesn’t.  In fact, her choice of Louise Epstein as her campaign treasurer is a clear signal that she is hostile to the environment.  ( I served with Louise on the City Council, and she was a disaster for the environment, fighting every effort to protect the land, air, and water ).  

If elected, Carol would be much better on fiscal issues, which are front-and-center right now, but she would take this opportunity to dismantle the environmental programs that I and many others have fought for over the last thirty years.

On the other hand, Lee and Brew have records as Big Spenders, and we can no longer afford that.  Our financial crisis is only going to worsen, and they are still talking about bond elections for hundreds of MILLIONS…They are still oblivious to the new economic reality.

So pick your poison, Austin.  If you are an environmentalist who also is concerned about the ever-escalating cost of living here, you have no one to vote FOR…

I can hardly believe it has come to this…