Brigid Shea for County Commissioner

Brigid Shea for County Commissioner, Precinct 2:

“Environmentalist Brigid Shea published a media-savvy package of glowing YouTube testimonials from state Sen. Kirk Watson, ex Texas Ag Commissioner Jim Hightower, former Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos, Austin NAACP President  Nelson Linder, and Livable City Chair Ann Kitchen. Joining the effusive headliners were AISD Chair Vince Torres, environmentalist  Robin Rather, and community activist Paul Saldana, all gathered for the Sunday grand opening of Shea’s campaign headquarters. ” – Austin Chronicle

Here are just some of the reasons why I will vote for Brigid Shea to County Commissioner and why I hope you will join me in supporting her:

We need to give citizen interests more power than special interests. Brigid has proposed major ethics reforms to severely limit the amount lobbyists and their firms can give to city council candidates.
Under Lee Leffingwell, the City Council has been more concerned with making big development deals than with maintaining the quality of life and affordability for the people who live here. Stop giving away unnecessary incentives like those to the Formula One race track outside the city and luxury hotels downtown.
The city uses less water than it did ten years ago, but our water rates have doubled and are set to rise another 19%.
Electric rates are are expected to rise 20%. Property taxes have gone up. Traffic is up. City fees have gone up. But for many people our quality of life has gone down.
Brigid believes that the protecting the environment is crucial to the economic health of the city.
Leffingwell’s first campaign report showed that 43% of his total campaign donations came from just 11 bundlers, representing lobbyist and city contractor interests. Brigid Shea said, “Just 60 days after announcing my candidacy, I’ve raised almost $100,000 from over 465 people. My contributions show that the people of Austin want City Hall to work for them, not just for the deep-pocketed insiders who are funding the incumbent’s race.”

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Message about Technology Leadership:

I believe Brigid Shea will make a great County Commissioner and I am asking you to please join me in supporting her. Here is what she has to say about Technology Leadership:

I was honored to be the Channel 6 host of the very first SXSW Interactive with my good friend, Dewey Winburne. He was my translator for helping folks understand the Internet. I also helped explore how the city could assist this growing industry through the Council’s early Technology Committee. It is amazing to see how the tech community has shaped Austin and made it the place it is today – an incredibly creative and lively place for all of us.

And while the mayor tries to take credit for all of it, I say it’s the people who make Austin so remarkable–not the mayor or council. I am so proud to have been at the beginning of the tech surge, and now I see all the creative media and entrepreneurs who are adding so much to the character and quality of Austin. And there’s so much more to do–imagine what we could do with all the dark fiber that’s lying unused under our streets. Or if the city really listened and acted on the tech community’s many recommendations for innovations. Let’s see what else we can imagine together!